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Tesoro Resort Cabo San Lucas | WyndhamTesoro Resort Cabo San Lucas | WyndhamTesoro Resort Cabo San Lucas | Wyndham
Tesoro Resort Cabo San Lucas | Wyndham

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Club Tesoro is your premier mexican resort. Enjoy your stay at our beautiful Cabo San Lucas marina front resort with both city and ocean Club Tesoro resort located in the center of Cabo San Lucas. Formally Tesoro resort los Cabos. Now Wyndham resort and is located in the heart of Cabo San Lucas directly in front of the Marina.

Tesoro Resorts Los Cabos is Cabo’s anchor hotel (formerly called Plaza No Glorias) on the main drag overlooking the marina los Cabos.  Over the years, ownership has changed hands at least three times, which included one bankruptcy. And there’s a long, ugly history of discouraged business owners who bought their space on Tesoro’s Resorts Los Cabos property (called locales). Almost all of the businesses own their units—there’s not a lot of leasing of business space in Mexico.

Tesoro resort los Cabos has established its reputation as being the worst Hotel in Cabo San Lucas. With testimonial after testimonial of theft, intimidations, and just plain bad service and guest insatisfaction consistently. The articles you will read on the Cabo San Lucas Tesoro resort will horror you of the bad things they have done to its guest and people that share the building with. This cocaroach infested Hotel has become the worst place to stay at in Cabo San Lucas Hotels

These owners’ complaints include floods, electrical outages, and harassment by Tesoro Resorts Los Cabos security guards. Further, owners allege that the common area in front of the retail locations, which is owned by the hotel’s condo association, is being rented out to separate businesses. This makes the business people unhappy because bulky palapa or cage-like structures go up on the common area, blocking their store front.  Also, timeshare snaggers set up booths directly in front of those businesses, actually on the concrete marina front—which is federal land. Now the merchants who bought their units on the first row in front of the marina are actually in the third row.

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Tesoro Resort Cabo San Lucas | Wyndham





Tesoro Resort Cabo San Lucas | Wyndham


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Plagued by Problems

Tesoro Resort Los Cabos avoids dealing with local business owner's complaints.

By Baxter D. Wall

Tesoro Resort Cabo San Lucas | Wyndham

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